Our Approach
High Efficiency
High Machine Performance

IMAS machines have been developed and produced to provide high performance. Perfectly compatible operation is also provided within the system.

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Low Maintenance Cost and Duration

Maintenance procedures, which are one of the most important factors of facility efficiency, are designed according to the minimum cost and time loss in IMAS products and facilities.

Efficient Integrated System Design

Another factor which is as important as the efficiency of the machine is the efficiency of the system. The coordinated and efficient operation of IMAS products are provided by such a detailed work of IMAS system engineers.

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High Efficiency

Low Operating Cost

All system designs provide a low operating cost that businesses can gain a competitive advantage. The 32-year experience of IMAS engineering is the leader in high-technology and efficient facility in the whole feed milling industry.

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Perfect System

Our professional staff with a high level of international business experience successfully manages the production, marketing and after-sales services process with our business habits in international norms and strong capital structure; We deliver our technology to many countries of the world with the Cuteral brand.

Unconditional Satisfaction, 7/24/365 Support

The power behind clockwork systems in the mill and animal feed industries, ProSupport is at your service whenever you need it.

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