In Feed Milling Sector

Viteral is the trademark which carries the services of producing and establishing bovine, ovine and poultry feed milling machines and turnkey facilities successfully to the sector.

The experience and achievements gained with Milleral in the milling industry have enabled Viteral to be born, and serve in the feed sector with such a similar engineering approach.

Integrated Profit

With the importance given to Viteral's innovative engineering approach and research and development studies, it is able to offer products and facilities that can exactly meet the needs of the industry, and continues to work with a goal of 100% customer satisfaction.

Operating in the world from the Middle East to Asia and South America to Australia, IMAS also approaches the feed milling sector with Viteral in the same care and attention, and takes the fruits of this work in a short period of time by offering high technology products suitable for the needs of the sector.

Another feature that distinguishes Viteral from its competitors by being strong in this market; is to maintain this continuity by always making R&D studies by producing high-tech products as a company. Exporting to more than 100 countries in the global market by producing technologic systems that can be upgraded, IMAS proves its quality with such certifications like CE, TSEK and ISO 9001:2015.

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To provide a better service, Viteral always provides its customers with its “ProSupport” service, which is a continuous and fast technical service. Our ProSupport team provides uninterrupted and fast technical service, spare parts and consultancy services to the whole feed milling sector without having to have Viteral products or facilities. arrow_forward

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