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IMAS, which offers products, turn-key projects and services to its customers in about more than 100 countries in 5 continents, continues R&D activities with a deep research, development and innovation culture. It works with such engineering teams dedicated to milling, animal feed milling, metal cutting saws and steel construction sectors. IMAS, which is one of the 250 companies having the most R&D spending in Turkey, has put innovation and R&D in the center of customer satisfaction.

Milleral, Viteral, Cuteral and Steral research and development teams create three-dimensional models of all Milleral, Viteral, Cuteral and Steral products with computer aided design (CAD) studies. Another important step in R&D activities is the prototype production, testing and analysis in real conditions. After passing through all these stages and ensuring on their quality, the production of the IMAS products becomes ready.

Static, dynamic, fluid mechanics and fatigue analyzes of Milleral, Viteral, Cuteral and Steral machines are stimulated. This procedure is the key to the development of efficient and high performance products that meet the needs of milling, feed milling, band and circular sawing machines, and steel construction industry. Innovative approach is the main principle of IMAS and its trademarks; and all of the research and development activities create approaches and products that can make a difference in the sector.

  • Milleral

    63 Product


  • Viteral

    25 Product


  • Cuteral

    29 Product


  • Steral

    40+ Project


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