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İmaş Kamerun'da Yeni Bir Un Değirmeni Projesi Tamamladı
Imas Completes a New Flour Mill Project in Cameroon

Imas today moves rapidly through its vision to be one of leading global brands in flour and feed milling technologies. Building turnkey flour, maize, and feed mills worldwide in 5 continents, Imas is also very active in Africa, as already having many important project references in Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, Sudan, Zambia, etc. countries within the continent. Imas has even recently completed one of the largest flour milling complexes of Africa with 3x800 TPD total capacity last year.

In December 2023, Imas completed the new flour mill project for World Food Industry, one of the leading food and retail groups headquartered in Yaounde, Cameroon. After their first flour mill was built by Imas in 2021, World Food Industry preferred to agree with Imas again for the supply and delivery of their new 160 TPD capacity flour mill investment on a turnkey basis.

Project Details

The flour mill is located in Douala city, the finance and trade capital of Cameroon. Having 160 TPD wheat processing capacity, two different types of flour are produced in the flour mill to be distributed to World Food Industry’s local supermarkets and bakery chains, in over 40 locations within the country.

The greenfield project is completed by Imas on a turnkey basis including production, engineering, installation, and commissioning services. The production of the complete machinery and equipment has been completed in nearly 6 months by Imas, a very short period thanks to the production power and capacity of the company. And, the mechanical and electrical installation of the project has also been completed in nearly another 6 months by the experienced project planning, installation, and supervision teams of Imas.


Steel Building by Steral

Not only the milling machinery and systems, also the steel construction of the mill building was provided by Steral – a brand of Imas. Steral is today a very strong partner in industrial steel buildings, as well as having the capacity to build huge projects ie. exhibition centers, hotel buildings, and shopping malls. With Steral, Imas is also the only inhouse manufacturer of steel buildings in grain and feed milling industries.


Automation Technology

The complete process flow in the flour mill can be managed centrally via the SCADA automation system, from wheat intake to flour packaging. The system has real-time reporting feature about the production amount, yield, consumption, etc. of the plant.

The latest automation technology in the plant even allows Imas after-sales team to connect to the plant remotely at any time, for remote support services including technical assistance, troubleshooting, and check up, etc.


About Imas

Imas produces the whole range of grain and feed milling machinery, and builds turnkey flour, maize, and feed mills worldwide with more than 500 project references in 5 continents and over 100 countries.

Imas is today among Top 1.000 Leading Exporters of Türkiye. Moreover, the company is the only milling machinery producer having public offering, means company shares (IMASM) have been traded in Istanbul Stock Exchange since April 2022.

Imas is today among the Top 250 R&D Leaders of Türkiye, moreover among Top 10 R&D Leaders of Turkish machinery industry in all segments, according to the annual R&D investments and expenditures report by Turkish Time.